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I am back with a new travel post dedicated to Leh Ladakh.

Here are few things one should keep in his mind while travelling to Ladakh as it requires a lot of thinking, planning and health precautions due to its location (10,000 ft).

  • First day of arrival- rest for 24 hrs inside the hotel/camp
  • Take altitude sickness medicine- Diamox (everyday after breakfast)
  • Drink Lots of water- because of high altitude there’s less oxygen due to which you breathe faster and loose lots of water.
  • Don’t rush into anything- give ample amount of rest to your body
  • Eat light food
  • Carry lots of clothes- don’t count the layers 😉
  • carry anti-pollution face mask
  • Never sleep in the car when travelling towards the height- heart rate increases when we are asleep + less oxygen at the height = Danger

The beginning of this trip was really crappy as I missed my flight (which has never happened before) and the airlines by which I was travelling cancelled my return ticket as well. So it was quite a chaos but I finally reached.

The journey of flying above and over the snowy mountains was a treat to watch. As I stepped outside the flight, it was really cold. My nose got blocked due to the chilling breeze and I just wanted to go to the hotel.

Next day, it was time to travel to the Nubra Valley. The journey was really long (5 hrs approx.) On the way to Nubra valley, I came across the highest peak- Khardungla Pass which is at 18000 ft above sea level. When I got down of the car, it was difficult to breathe. I couldn’t stay outside for more than 5 mins because there was harsh cold breeze and I started feeling dizzy.

River Flowing Between The Mountains



In Nubra Valley, there are two- humped camels named Bactrian camels. People enjoy the Camels ride throughout desert.

Beautiful Sunrise

My stay in Nubra valley started becoming difficult as the weather started getting colder, electricity and hot water were also hardly available. While going Back to Leh from Nubra, I also did a bike ride over the sand dunes. The experience was breathtaking as it actually took my breath away. The wind was so cold that my fingers turned blue-black (freezing cold), eyes got watery and my heart skipped a beat when my bike jumped over a huge sand dune.




In Leh, I visited Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, Hall Of Fame and Leh market. There’s not much that you expect to visit because the place is really small. Mostly people here are Buddhist (80%) and Muslims (20%) so they mostly follow Buddhism along with Tibetan culture because after the war of 1962 with China many Tibetans came to India due to which there is a mix of culture.

Shanti Stupa

People who are not from Ladakh only work from April to October because it snows heavily during winters due to which people move back to their hometowns.

Since I went for only 5 days, so one day was fully dedicated to the Pangong Lake which was again 5 hrs drive away from Leh. The drive from one place to another was also a treat to watch.



The lake is very beautiful. They had boards of the movie- 3 idiots along with the yellow scooty which kareena drove in the movie, Ladakhi dresses were also available which people could try on.


Ladakh in a whole is package where mountains, valleys, deserts and lakes resides. So, one must visit this place atleast once in their lifetime.

Hope you guys liked the post 🙂

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  1. Such great info! Loving the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing!

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