Tired of the daily routine! No time to escape the regime!


Here’s the solution to the urge of travelling- Neemrana fort (on the Delhi- Jaipur highway) just 3 hours away from Delhi. The fort has an amazing view with two pools and numerous ‘Mahals’ (rooms). I was travelling with my three friends. The mahal that we booked was the Neelam mahal (Blue Sapphire Palace) which was absolutely marvelous.

After reaching, we came to know that the lunch time is over and they don’t serve lunch after 2 p.m so we had to hog on to the snacks that were available to us.


Our evening was fabulous as we enjoyed in the pool and relaxed.


As the day was about to set, we all got ready and went for our dinner which was very delicious. The view outside the dinner hall made us sit beside the pool to enjoy the cool breeze along with the starry night. We chit-chatted for a bit, then suddenly all the lights went off after 10 p.m which was little scary for us. Since, there were other people too hanging around us, we decided to stay there itself. As we all got engrossed in our gossip session, we didn’t even realize that the place was all empty.

[Okay so I didn’t mention this- I am a person who loves to watch haunted movies and discuss stories but also i am a person who’ll get scared very easily]

So as I was saying, the place got empty so one of my friend made a joke about a ghost being there in a white saree and what not. So we all ran away from the pool area towards our room as if somebody was coming behind us to catch us and guess the irony being in so hurry, we couldn’t open the door. As we entered the room, we laughed out so hard on our stupidity.

After that we all got into our PJ’s and started with our ‘pajama party’ which was merely just gossiping and munching. Our room had two sections- one was the upper section which had two single beds and another was lower section which was connected to the room and had a double bed. Nobody wanted to sleep there as it was quite apart and scary for us 😉 so all four of us were adjusting on two single beds.

As the time passed away, it got all quite and we heard a ‘noise’ as if somebody was opening the door. we got attentive to the fact that the noise didn’t stop and continued for a while. We checked everything in our room which could possibly create that noise but everything seemed to be pitch perfect. So when it got all late my friends tried to sleep but I couldn’t because I was damn scared. ‘Now its been a while that there has been no noise’ I thought to myself and tried sleeping. As I closed my eyes, suddenly again the noise came. We all gave each other a look that now this is not funny and that we cant sleep like this. So we called to the reception and they sent somebody to check our room. The person who came to our room, tried to comfort us by telling us that no such thing can happen here so we decided not to panic and sleep. After 5 mins, somebody knocked our door and it was 2 a.m. It was the same person who came to check on us from the reception. He was so generous to offer us to change our room as we were not comfortable in our room. We were given a spacious beautiful room to spend the night.

Next morning we were set to explore the fort. The fort is quite pretty in its own way with its old antique architecture. Since I went in the month of march, it was quite hot and heat was unbearable outside during the day time. Though nights were cooler.





Have you been to Neemrana yet ?

A must visit place 😉

Stay tuned for more posts 🙂


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  1. brencation says:

    Love the photos! Looks so majestic!


    1. Ritika Gupta says:

      Thankyou for appreciating 🙂


  2. Ila Tyagi says:

    Cute pictures. Love the last outfit! 🙂


    1. Ritika Gupta says:

      Thankyou 🙂


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