Milano Here I Come <3

Ciao Guys!!

I was wondering from the past few months on whether I should start posting about my travel stories or not. So as I finally decided, I thought I should start this segment by sharing with you guys my experience about Milan. My trip to Milan was just for the Summer Program that I wanted to attend in order to get the international exposure.

My experience was quite amazing.

I was travelling with my three friends. The first day as we reached Milan, we were so excited that despite of being tired from the hectic flight, we all went to our college for the registration process. Then we visited the most beautiful Duomo Cathedral and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (shopping hub).

This place is so alluring. I am in love with the streets, the buildings, the ice creams, and ofcourse the weather. I miss the surprising raining sessions that used to happen.

I am a person who loves to shop and eat a lot whether its spicy or sweet still its been quite difficult being a vegetarian to survive, so I used to eat lots of Maggie, ready to cook food, ice creams, pizza, and the most delicious fries (Amsterdam chips), do have them when in Milan.

We used to have classes everyday from 10 a.m to 4 p.m due to which, the only time we could travel out of Milan was the weekend. We planned on going to the beach first but we all got really late and missed our train as the Milano centrale (the main railway station) is really huge and confusing. So we decided to go to the Lake Como instead of wasting our day and then the next day, we finally planned on going to the beach in Genoa (Camogli).

Milan is a walking -Talking fashion place where everything is just so inspiring. From their streets to their displays everything seems to be simply pretty. From college we were taken on excursions, so i ll discuss about one of the concept stores that I happened to visit- 10 corso como.

10 corso como milano – a concept store 💁🏼 that sells unique selection of products. These products are pulled together from different brands and designers, and they usually cover different lines, such as fashion, beauty and homewares etc and are presented in most attractive ways. So this store has exhibition, gallery, library, and cafe or event space which helps to build a community around the same lifestyle, and is everything dedicated to fashion.

Hope you guys like this travel post 🙂


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